LIVE YOUR DREAMS -BOOK LIVE YOUR DREAMS -BOOK LIVE YOUR DREAMS About Book: ?Live Your Dreams? is a success handbook for youngsters. The book is written in a simple language and easy to understand. It's Important in today's times were lot of Youngsters need guidance and help to develop their personality, Attitude and Skills. They are also going through lot of stress and psychological issues and they need proper and timely intervention. Youngsters need to Dream and make their dreams come true, lot of them give up their dreams in between, lot of them don't even dream of what they want , lot of youngsters have big dreams but they need proper direction. This book is a guide to Youngsters, Parents and Teachers, The information shared helps the youngsters to discover their dreams and achieve them, it helps parents and teachers to help and support youngsters to win their dreams and lead a happy life. 156383111 156383112 Book Release by Chukka Ramaiah garu 156383113 156383114 156383115 156383116