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Articles by Acharyawenkat:  The Articles shared here are not focused on any system or individual, the objective is to spread awareness.

Burning Woods -

The Fire will not last long, centuries have gone by, men & women passed by trying to  
understand,change,discover,modify,manage,destroy,design,invent,create,develop,( the Truth of Human birth), nothing changed then, nothing has changed now, nothing will change in future. What is the TRUTH , for a moment lets ask this question and see what comes up.
First Step towards Truth is to understand The Fire of EGO, The Fire of JEALOUSY, The Fire of LUST & GREED, The Fire of ANGER, The Fire of ATTACHMENT, why do we need them if they are not doing any good, we have the greatest inventions, medical technology, gadgets, and many more miracles,  yet we have not discovered the TRUTH, we still cannot connect to our REAL SELF.  Few Men & Women across the globe are able to change the direction of the Fire to LOVE, CARING,SHARING,COMPASSION,DETACHMENT. 
Ask yourself am I not tired of darkness inside,do I need to die everyday and kill others with my darkness, ask yourself What is TRUE living, What is my TRUTH, What am I made of, What are my Thoughts, What are my Emotions, Why am I holding to Emotions, Do I LOVE myself, What is that I REALLY want, the answers are inside not outside. The Fire  will not last long.

                             Change for a Second, a Minute, a Hour, a Day, a Week, a Month,a Year,a Decade. 

Believe and  Practice for a week and see the change for yourself donot tyr to change other be the change and result is inevitable.


Two friends met after a long time and  were discussing about  their achievemnts, issues and society in general both of them were not happy completely though they had everything with them  education , professional success, material sucess,name, fame, some  thing was missing and they realised that  they both wee feeling it. one of them suggested lets go on a journey and see if we can find the happiness, there are so many sages,babas,gurus,different school of thoughts, so that they can find the happiness, they started on the Spiritual journey, they decided  that who ever gets the happiness first comes back.One decided to explore all the known ,famous people and the other decided to wait and started reading books, understanding the scriptures, what was shared by enlightened souls and wo all have experience the truth. 

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