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Corporate Initiatives:

As Corporate wellness initiative “Yogic Healing” workshop is customized to help Employees Self with healing  techniques.

Yogic Healing is a unique program designed facilitated by Acharyawenkat, A Mind Body Soul Healing workshop which gives an individual overall understanding  of how to Heal yourself and lead a life of happiness and love.
Topics covered:
Anatomy of Mind, Basic Anatomy of Body Functioning, Basic Yoga, Meditation Techniques, Breath work, Emotional Release, Understand diseases etc.
Individual Therapies are also provided to employees.

Stress management:
In today’s Hi-tech society with technology rapidly growing with economies booming, with changing life styles and working cultures, what’s common at home and office is “STRESS”.
Stress creates psychological, physical or mental discomforts such as: 
• nervousness
• fatigue 
• lack of energy
• inability to take action 
• exhaustion even after a good rest
• loss of the joy of living 
• inability to successfully resolve troublesome situations.
Our workshop helps you understand the various reasons stress is created and release it by understanding the Mental, psychological and physical aspects .The workshop is experiential  and easy to practice techniques are taught to participants.
When the mental, emotional, physical body are well aligned you; 
• recover to your full potential, you sleep healthy 
• respond properly to personal and professional situations; 
• go on to attain your goals; 
•Empowered with Love, happiness, productivity, property, health, satisfaction etc.

Facilitated over 2 full days.


Conflict management:

  • Conflicts are common and they take place in dynamic business environments. They are unavoidable, managing and understanding conflicts is essential for personal and professional development.
  • The workshop helps in handling conflict, understanding one’s conflict style.
  • How to resolve conflicts personal and professional.
  • Increase productivity through sharing, giving and receiving feedback.
  • Learn how to conduct Conflict Meetings.


Team building:
Team: Achieving Together.
Successful team building is essential for overall development of the organisation. Its takes effort to build a team and make it perform as per the expectations.  The workshop helps understand Team dynamics, Team behaviour, develop Team values. Understand individual roles in a team.
Duration:  2 days

Spiritual leadership:
Spiritual Leadership is a new and latest mantra, AHE has designed Spiritual Leadership program in association with experienced leaders to facilitate the leadership development in organisations.
Today with high performing leaders and leadership initiatives being practiced by organisations at various levels, Spiritual Leadership brings in an advanced understanding of leadership and individual leadership styles.

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