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Self Development & Basic Course in Integrated Clinical Hypnosis.

The Course is designed to explain the working of mind, the interplay of the conscious and subconscious mind, the way humans receive information, the phenomenon of Hypnosis, how to Induce the hypnotic state in others as well as self, deepen it and how to use therapeutic suggestions in the treatment of simple conditions.

Highlights of the Program:

                                                             Self Hypnosis         Theory of Mind             Suggestibility

Contents Of the Course

  • Brief History of Hypnosis
  • History & Development of Human Mind
  • Theory of Mind
  • How to create the Hypnotic State
  • Theory and laws of Suggestibility
  • How to Conduct a Hypnosis Session
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Wording of Effective Suggestions & Affirmations
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-Hypnosis
  • Awakening Techniques
  • Self Hypnosis

What can this course do for you:

  • Improving Performance
  • Healthy Living, Stress reduction
  • Confidence, Self-esteem
  • Improved Relationships
  • Concentration, Recall, Creativity
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Self-discovery
  • Effective communication
  • Framing Affirmations
  • Motivating self and others
  • Healthier self-expression and more...

Certification: "Master Hypnotist"     Facilitated By: Acharyawenkat

For more details :Call:09032565949/09949957979

Email: [email protected]

Prior registration required.

20% discount for students and senior citizens

Format of the courses:

The presentation of hypnotherapeutic techniques will be followed by a demonstration on a member of the class, and participants will be required to practice each skill, in groups of two.

Who is this course meant for:

  • All those seeking answers for `why me' or `why not me' with regards to what is happening or not happening in your life….with respect to your health, relations, circumstances, business, profession, work...  etc. This is best opportunity to tap the powers of your subconscious mind.
  • Interested in having a career in Alternative Medical Practices and becoming Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapists.


Hypnotherapy has been flourishing as a very safe and yet highly effective method of facilitating healing solutions for the human race for the better part of the century.This science has gained credence in India once it was accepted as an Therapeutic Modality by Union Ministry of Health.

Hypnotherapy as a Career.

The 5 step Curriculum includes the following as we believe that Healing is complete when it occurs at all levels of existence.

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